A lot of complexities and confusion come with employment laws. An employee or a group of employees may require the help of an employment solicitor to iron out employment issues. An employment solicitor has the relevant training and experience needed to resolve such issues.

During certain situations in the workplace, you may need to communicate formally. An employment solicitor can help with such communication. He or she can help you draft formal letters such as appeals, resignation and grievance letters.

Adherence to employment laws is compulsory within the workplace. When you feel that your employment rights are being infringed upon, you need to seek the help of an employment solicitor. Assistance can be provided thereby making sure that your employment rights are not violated. Some of the grievances that you may have against your employer include:

• Unfair/Wrongful dismissal
• Breach of contract
• Equal pay
• Age discrimination
• Workplace accidents and injuries
• Settlement agreements
• Race discrimination
• Bullying or harassment

An employment solicitor can also help you when your employment dispute was not fairly settled. Resolutions to such cases are usually taken to the Employment Tribunal. This tribunal is the last option when an employer and employee don’t amicably settle their grievances. Legal advice and representation can be sought from an employment solicitor during such times.

Still, an employment solicitor can come in handy in providing an employer with legal advice. This can help an employer abide by employment laws. An employment solicitor can offer fair and legal ways of going about disciplinary procedures.

An employment solicitor needs to take a proactive approach to ensure that your employment issues are resolved. He or she should be able to look for practical solutions to your problem. In-depth knowledge of employment laws is required. This is critical when it comes to you winning your case. An employment solicitor can offer legal advice as well as represent you in employment standoffs. These standoffs may be against your employer or even colleagues.