10 Uses Of Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape is made out of cotton fibres. This tape is commonly used within industries. It contains properties that make it ideal for various functions.

Care should be applied when using gaffer tape. Also known as gaffing tape or Advance gaffa tape, it has adhesive properties that can peel of paint when it is being removed. This tape is able to withstand more heat in comparison to duct tape. There are various uses of this tape including:

  1. Gaffer tape is often used during performances on stage. It is used to secure cables during such performances. These cables are for sound and light.

This tape can be used to conceal wires. It can be taped onto the floor or podium for this to be achieved. This also reduces the likelihood of people tripping and falling off. This prevents injuries from occurring.

  1. Gaffer tape can be used to fix broken items. It can be attached to the surface of a broken item to help stick the broken pieces back together. For instance, fixtures can be reattached by the use of gaffer tape.
  2. Professionals can use this tape to help them differentiate between different items. This is critical for lighting technicians and sound engineers. They can be able to label connections such as wires using different colour codes of these tapes. This reduces any confusion whatsoever when they are doing their jobs.
  3. Gaffer tape is used by photographers. It is used to prevent the leakage of light. This is done by sealing of cameras. This tape can also be used for clamp reinforcement.

Microphones need to be held in suitable positions. This tape holds microphones in position. When it comes to fashion photography, this tape can be used to hold clothes together.

  1. Spike tape is a narrow type of gaffer tape. It is used in theatres. This tape marks area within theatre floors for artists.
  2. Gaffer tape has UV resistant properties. This helps in the protection of equipment from the effects of abrasion. Tear and wear are reduced by the use of this tape.
  3. The water-resistant properties within this tape can be very useful when it comes to the protection of items. This helps in the packaging of items. It prevents such items from coming into contact with moisture.
  4. Gaffer tape can provide insulation. It can be used in cold rooms as an insulator. This is able to prevent heat from escaping.
  5. Pests can be a nuisance. Insects such as flies can at times increase in their numbers in households. Gaffer tape can be used to trap flies, ants and other insects. This tape acts as a makeshift trap. It is more affordable in comparison to fly paper.
  6. String instruments can cause injuries to musicians. This tape can help in the prevention of such injuries. It helps protect the fingers of instrument players throughout intense performances.

There are very many ways in which gaffer tape can be used. Its properties make it ideal for use in very many day to day situations. This high-quality tape is worth every penny spent on it. Its strong nature ensures that tasks can be done without any fears whatsoever.